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Touching your body, reaching your spirit.
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Paul Rybarczyk, Buffalo, NY 14213 • 716-881-6196 • click to email me

Not feeling up to par, emotionally or physically?
Or just need a little TLC?
Massage therapy can help.

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My knowledgeable, compassionate touch will soothe your body, calm your emotions and help relieve pain. After your massage your cares will seem a little lighter...your energy, restored. And your spirit, renewed. People need touch…your skin is considered the largest organ of your body.

I have been providing nurturing touch to members of my community since 1995.

I have worked with hundreds of clients, each with their individual needs. I will design your session for what your body/spirit needs at the time...some days you'll need to let go of all the stresses and annoyances of your life, other days you may be full of aches and pains...often, it's a combination of both. Let someone else take care of and nurture you for a bit. I'll work to make your massage comforting, nurturing and revitalizing.

You don't need to worry about choosing Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, Eastern massage. I'll combine methods from many types of massage. Sensitive and lighter relaxation work to nourish your spirit and quiet your mind; deep work, stretching and range of motion exercises for invigorating tired bodies and even medical massage for injuries.
Contact me and set up your session of a little bit of pleasure and relief.

I also can do private tutoring in massage. The lessons won’t make you a licensed massage therapist (you’ll have to go to a massage school for that), but maybe it’ll set you on that path, or let you share the gift of touch with others in your life.

(I'm also an artist. You can see my paintings and studio here!)