How Massage Helps | Massage Therapy by Paul
Touching your body, reaching your spirit.

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What massage therapy can do for you.

1. Relieve stress and tension.You feel better able to cope with day-to-day situations.
2. Reduce mental and physical fatigue, leading to renewed energy and ambition.
3. Relieve pain in your neck, shoulders and back (usually caused by irritated nerves or sore muscles).
4. Reduce or prevent muscle soreness from overexertion.
5. Circulation is improved, thus improving skin tone.
6. Digestion and elimination are often improved.
7. Facial massage tones the skin, helps prevent blemished skin, and softens fine lines.
8. Headache and eye strain are often relieved.
9. Deep relaxation is induced and insomnia relieved.
10. Muscular spasms are relieved.
11. Relieve pain in joints, sprains and poor circulation.
12. Increased circulation of nourishing blood to the skin and other parts of the body encourages healing.
13. Reduce mental strain, resulting in better productivity.
14. Mildly high blood pressure is temporarily reduced.
15. People who have been abused experience and learn good, safe and healthy touch.
16. You experience a renewed sense of confidence and control.
17. Your immune system works better because stress is relieved, reducing production of corticosteroids.
18. Muscles and joints become more supple. Soreness and stiffness are relieved. Joint mobility can be increased.
19. By awakening the possibilities of touch, you awaken the possibilities of sex.
20. You gain a sense of spiritual connection.
21. By taking time for yourself, you experience giving to yourself, taking care of yourself and saying “I DESERVE IT!”
22. You take time to smell the roses.
23. Touch is missing from your life and you’re missing being touched.