Clients Comment | Massage Therapy by Paul
Touching your body, reaching your spirit.
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Paul Rybarczyk, Buffalo, NY 14213 • 716-881-6196 • click to email me

Comments from my clients.

• I felt like you were massaging my soul.
• I wanted you to know how much you have helped me over the years and of all the massages I've had, you're the BEST!
• After your massage, all of my symptoms faded away for the first time in months. I haven't changed anything else, so I know it was your magic touch. You really know your stuff, man! Thanks!
• Better than drugs! It was like electric through my body.
• You took me apart and put me back together.
• Your work has brought me back to myself.
• You keep getting better and better; I don't how since you were the best already!
• It's not only therapeutic, it's spiritual.
• It's physical therapy for my brain.
• I really appreciate your care.
• I look in the mirror after my massage and I think I'm going to be 21 again...well, at least I feel like it!
• You've touched my heart! That's something for the male of the species to admit!
• I was nervous at first...after all, I'm going to some stranger's place and am going to be totally naked! Five minutes into the massage, and I forgot all about that! It was sheer pleasure...I'm glad I got referred to you!