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Stress Busters

5 WAYS TO RELAX: Stress is your body’s normal response to a threat of any kind, and the “danger” does not have to be huge: it can be running late for a meeting or having an argument with a co-worker or friend. Too much stress can become toxic. It affects your ability to cope with everyday events and sets you up for physical problems such as anxiety, depression, more colds and many other ills. Here are some tips to help you de-stress…and don’t forget to set up your massage appointment, too, of course!

Breathe deeply: Breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose letting your abdomen expand like a balloon, slowly exhale through pursed lips, pulling your abdomen in. Try this exercise five more times, concentrating on each breath. Notice how you feel. Probably more relaxed, perhaps even energized at the same time.

Meditation: Easily accessible for everyone: no special way to sit, no classes to attend, no philosophy to believe. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and silently pay attention to your breathing. Your mind will wander, but just come back to your breath. Don’t strain or try too hard, coming back to your breathing when thoughts take you away. (And they will!) Start with 5 minutes, and gradually work up to more time.
Watch this short video that clearly explains and demystifies the process.

Do some head work: Place your palms above your ears, fingertips touching at the top of your head. Press gently and make circular motions with your palms, moving your hands down the sides of your head. With your thumbs at he base of your skull, press in and slide them down to the base of your neck, 5 or 10 times. With one hand, grab, squeeze and rub the back of your neck ten times, and then do the same with your other hand.
Try this face massage
If you are interested in self-massage, try this chest massage

Exercise: It might be working in the garden, taking a slow bike ride or taking a walk with a friend. Think of activities you like but rarely allow yourself time to do then commit to doing them as often as you can. Rhythmic activities like walking, raking leaves or even cleaning can be healing exercises--as your body gets into its own rhythms, you can let your mind go and work out problems, find solutions or just daydream for awhile. Even just 15 minutes at a time is great!

Get outdoors for a brief break: Our grandparents were right about the healing power of fresh air. Don’t be deterred by foul weather or a full schedule. Just five minutes on your porch or in your yard can be rejuvenating and stress reducing.